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Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic all sanctioned BRTA competitions are currently suspended until Monday 20th April, 2020.  This includes Seniors, Juniors, Midweek Ladies and Night competitions.  We do not make this decision lightly and have given many options due consideration. 

As a Member Association of Tennis Australia we decided at these challenging times we should follow the advice of our National body.  Tennis Victoria endorsed and supported the decision to suspend our competitions.  We also note that the USTA issued a similar statement about 20 minutes before Tennis Australia.  The Tennis Australia directive is available on this website.

Tennis Victoria contacted many Association’s on Saturday morning including BRTA to ascertain their position.  We believe there were many mixed responses.  BRTA choose to put the safety of all our stakeholders first and support the request from both Tennis Australia and Tennis Victoria. 

The 20th April was chosen to maximise the break over school holidays and Easter and to give everybody a clear picture of what our position is over the next month.  Before the 20th April, all clubs will be contacted again to advise the status of our competitions once there is more information to hand. 

I understand it is frustrating to parents and players alike.  Tennis Victoria has released guidelines for the continuing play of tennis.  Please refer to this document:

We encourage everybody to continue playing tennis by following these guidelines.  Unfortunately, we as an Association cannot ensure everybody will adhere to the guidelines and therefore we are not in a position to sanction any matches at this time.  It is not the BRTA’s committees role to make decisions that may or may not impact an individual players health.  We can only act on the information and advice we have.

It is certainly our aim to get our competitions back up and running as soon as it is appropriate.  We understand that many teams are still enjoying social hits while club championships and coaching programs are still proceeding at many Bayside clubs.  At this stage, nobody knows what the future holds and we ask all our players and parents to support our position – regardless of their personal views.  Now is a time for cooperation and understanding.  We ask all our players, parents and administrators to look after themselves and we will be back on the courts before you know it.

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