Bayside Regional Tennis Association (Registered no: A0040463W) comprises over 130 tennis clubs primarily located in the suburbs of Melbourne on the south and east of Port Phillip Bay. It was formed in August 2000 by the merger of the Caulfield Carrum Tennis Association Inc. (founded in 1921) and the Southern Districts Tennis Association Inc. (founded in 1925).

The purpose of the Association is to promote, encourage, and advance the game of Tennis within the Bayside region, and support the activities of its members.
There is the senior tennis, hosted throughout the week in a range of formats which have evolved to suit our members. We have mid-week ladies, night tennis and summer and winter weekend afternoon competition, to name just a few.
Our junior competition is very popular and the BRTA not only co-ordinates broad-based inter-club matches but also provides talented juniors several opportunities to represent Bayside in Tennis Victoria underage competitions and events. We also offer our Rep teams access to high-quality coaching programmes.
Our dedicated team of BRTA committee members, junior co-ordinators and parent volunteers ensure that everything ticks along nicely.

Looking Ahead

As the representative body for tennis in Bayside, we are assessing the future needs of our members and junior players so we can continue to deliver to a high standard.
We have developed close links with Tennis Victoria and Tennis Australia and work with them to enhance the popularity of tennis. We will continue to support junior tennis development through supplementary pathways and access to coaching programmes.
Through our network of parent volunteers, we have reached out to understand how BRTA can offer more support. This has led to initiatives like the green ball competition for younger children and providing on-tour coaches for our Rep teams. Based on parental feedback we also organise trial events to aid in selection of representative teams. Future initiatives include introductory tennis afternoons for less experienced competition players and seminars that look at sports psychology in tennis and other specialist fields for all our players.
For senior tennis, we will continue to support all affiliated clubs to grow their memberships and provide the right competition formats for the diverse range of all ages and abilities.
We have built strong relationships with our sponsors, mostly local businesses, who have contributed generously to some of our programmes. We hope to strengthen these further to benefit our clubs, members, coaches and junior players. We encourage all our supporters to use their services and identify themselves as participants in BRTA programs.


The Constitution was adopted at a Special General Meeting on 21 Oct  2013 and is approved by Consumer Affairs Victoria. 

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The BRTA has comprehensive by-laws to ensure the smooth functioning of its various leagues and junior and senior competitions.

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