Trail Blazing Teen plays Bayside

Grace Park Hawthorn Club have a new player participating in Sunday morning Junior Competition starting February 2020.

Sally Schwartz is 16 years old and is currently Australia’s top-ranked women’s wheelchair tennis player at 67th in the world along with being the World No. 10 girls junior wheelchair player.  Sally has medical issues with her hips and knees and walks with the aid of crutches.  Sally started playing tennis 18 months ago.

The February-June Autumn 2020 season has 27 sections and we are looking forward to Sally competing alongside able-bodied players.

BRTA will be liaising with all Clubs, players and families prior to matches so everybody is familiar with the rules before taking to the court.

Both Tennis Victoria and BRTA are committed to enhancing access to tennis for culturally and linguistically diverse communities and catering for all abilities. Tennis is proud to be a sport for all and a sport for life.  BRTA makes its competitions open to all players who want to compete in the spirit of the game.

As part of this commitment, BRTA has consulted with both Tennis Australia and Tennis Victoria to ensure the successful inclusion of players using a wheelchair into BRTA Competition.  To allow this, the ITF Wheelchair Tennis Rules will be enacted for the players using a wheelchair and for that player only.  The relevant doubles partner and opposition team members will abide by the association rules.  Any player using a wheelchair will follow the association rules with the following exemptions:

  1. The Two Bounce Rule 

The wheelchair tennis player is allowed two bounces of the ball. The player must return the ball before it bounces a third time. The second bounce can be either in or out of the court boundaries. 

  1. The Wheelchair 

The wheelchair is considered part of the body and all applicable rules, which apply to a player’s body, shall apply to the wheelchair.

A complete list of wheelchair tennis rules can be found here – please refer to page 116

BRTA is pleased to have Sally joining our competition and encourages parents to speak to their children about the importance of respect and inclusion of all players, as well as awareness of the rules mentioned above. 

If you have any queries at all please contact BRTA Record Secretary Jillian Sanders or 0419 501 365 or BRTA President Craig James on or 0423 121 711          

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