AJL 2020

AJL 2020 Team Lists

Due to the Government’s COVID-19 announcement, we advise that the AJL
competition will need to be modified. The six week lockdown period extends past the intended first round of the competition which was scheduled for Sunday, 16 August. Tennis Victoria will endeavour to schedule a ten-week season (five weeks for 18 & Under) should circumstances permit. We will continue to monitor the directives of Tennis Victoria and we’ll update as information comes to hand.

In any event, we were thrilled to have had over 80 nominations to play in the Associations Junior League this year. Associations Junior League pits the combined Bayside-Moorabbin teams against the best players in Metropolitan Melbourne and both the Barwon and Mornington Peninsulas.

Prior to the Government’s announcement, the ten-week competition was
scheduled to start on 16 August and to run through until 15 November with finals scheduled for 22 November. The Selection Committee has selected the teams after an exhaustive process that considers local competition results, tournament results, Tennis Victoria Cup event results, Australian rankings, previous AJL results, team compatibility and friendships.  We are pleased to advise that we have 9 players in our teams who are ranked inside the top 1000 men and women in all of Australia.

A record seventeen teams will represent Bayside-Moorabbin in the 2020 season. Gradings by Tennis Victoria will be advised in the third or fourth week of July.

AJL 2020 MixedTeams
10 & Under Mixed
1. Jenson Yokota-Ho (c)1. Biba Sloan
2. Hayato Sata2. Aris Androutsopoulos (c)
3. Serena Jin Lee3. Kieran McGurran
4. Joe Li4. Benjamin Pinkus
5. Claire Scuderi
Team Manager: Vincent HoTeam Manager: Jim Androutsopoulos
18 & Under Mixed
1. Michail Petrov
2. Patrick Monteiro
1. Sabrina Cypser (c)
2. Emma Robinson
Team Manager: Yvonne Cypser
AJL 2020 Girls Teams
12 & Under Girls
1. Sienna Yokota-Ho1 Zeynep Gulener
2 Madison King (c)2 Amaya De Silva
3 Eugenie Canavan3 Veronique Digney
4 Stella Kephala4 Ruby Huggins (c)
Team Manager: Dean KingTeam Manager: Daniel Huggins
14 & Under Girls
1 Savannah James (c)1 Sarah Daniell
2 Shalyn Phillips2 Ava Vollenbroich
3 Valentina Velasco3 Madelyn Brown
4 Grace Thomas4 Tiara Wickramage (c)
5 Ava Juste5 Katelyn Ho
6 Jasmine Farrugia
Team Manager: Craig JamesTeam Manager: Chris Silva
16 & Under Girls
1 Simone Dunker
2 Joanna Mitsaris
3 Loverose Kaur
4 Siena Farrugia
5 Josephine Bohlken (c)
Team Manager: Ingo Bohlken
AJL 2020 Boys Teams
12 & Under Boys
1 Lachlan King1 Luca Magro (c)
2 Hardi Vollenbroich2 Demetri Kogas
3 Kalan Lai3 Emerson Schillaci
4 Jack McCormack
4 Kai Ballantyne
5 Ned Gretton-Watson (c)5 Austin Taleb
Team Manager: Hugh Gretton-WatsonTeam Manager: Joe Magro
1 Ethan March1 Kelly Allen
2 Nicholas Capel2 Fyodor Peters (c)
3 Oliver Tzounos (c)3 Noah Zambiasi
4 Harrison Tzounos (c)4 Luke Young
5 Zach Waterston5 Dhruv Tomar
6 Callum McDougall
Team Manager: Bill Tzounos
Team Manager: Linton Peters
14 & Under Boys
1 Kosta Mandikos1 Kurtis Bartholomeusz
2 Cruz Hewitt2 Maksim Jezdic
3 Hayden Heng3 Mateo Munoz
4 Marcus Brittain
4 Tom Davoren (c)
5 Ayden Kousis
Team Manager: Maya FergusonTeam Manager: Louise Davoren
1 Oliver Field1 Joe Barr (c)
2 Omar Kamel2 Yarden Laschchover
3 Bo Browne3 Liam Kouchakdjian
4 Alex Hatziladas4 Lachlan Fulton
5 Jack Malasek (c)5 Oliver Campbell
Team Manager: Donna MalasekTeam Manager: Monique Barr
16 & Under Boys
1 Chris Alevizos
2 Eagan Lai (c)
3 Justin Pirie
4 Ethan Brooke
Team Manager: Bernard Lai

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