AJL 2019

Bayside Teams for AJL 2019

Tennis Victoria’s flagship junior competition, Associations Junior League, is a team based competition that allows players to represent their local metropolitan and regional associations in 10/u – 18/u age groups.

Bayside Regional Tennis Association and Moorabbin & Districts Junior Tennis Association combine to field team’s in this prestigious representative competition. Nominations are called for in May each year, with teams and Team Managers selected in late June. Nomination is open to all players that play club competition in either Association.

Local clubs provide home court facilities for the teams to play on. For 2019 both Associations are very grateful to:

Patterson Lakes Tennis Club
Dendy Park Tennis Club
Beaumaris Community Centre Tennis Club
Glenhuntly Tennis Club and
Kooyong Lawn Tennis Club

For their wonderful support in hosting our 15 teams.

The Associations Junior League consists of:

*Ten rounds of matches
*Four player teams
*Played every Sunday morning with no play on the first two weekends in the September/October school holidays and Melbourne Cup weekend
*Play commences at 8:30 am and concludes by 1 pm
*Four singles rubbers (best of two sets) and two doubles rubbers in each home and away match
*Graded within age groups where players participate in 10/u (mixed), 12/u, 14/u, 16/u or 18/u (mixed) competitions.

2019 Bayside Moorabbin AJL Teams 
10 & Under Mixed - Aces
1Lachlan King
2Luca Magro
3Jenson Yokota-Ho
4Eugenie Canavan
5Anhelina Cherkashyna
Team ManagerJoe Magro
Venue: Patterson Lakes Tennis Club
10 & Under Mixed - Explosion
1Serena Jin Lee
2Zeynep Belis Gulener
3Hayato Sata
4Riley Kernutt
5Luca Petersen
Team ManagerNicky Kernutt
Venue: Patterson Lakes Tennis Club
12 & Under Boys - Heavy Duty Felt
1Kurtis Bartholomeusz
2Mateo Munoz
3Maksim Jezdic
4Ryan Taylor
5Henry Bytheway
Team ManagerRebecca Byetheway
Venue: Beaumaris CC
12 & Under Boys - Match Points
1Kalan Lai
2Thomas Flood
3Omar Kamel
4Areev Nayak
5Fyodor Peters
Team ManagerLinton Peters
Venue: Beaumaris CC
12 & Under Boys - Terminetters
1Demetri Kogas
2Emerson Schillaci
3Eran Duong
4Jack Rawlings
5Lachlan Fulton
Team ManagerSam Rawlings
Venue: Glenhuntly Tennis Club
14 & Under Boys - Deuce
1Chris Alevizos
2Kosta Mandikos
3Eagan Lai
4Josh Fairhurst
Team ManagerKleo Mandikos
Venue: Kooyong
14 & Under Boys - Wild Things
1Patrick Flood
2Marcus Brittain
3Hayden Heng
4Ayden Kousis
5Sam Ferguson
Team ManagerMaya Ferguson
Venue: Kooyong
14 & Under Boys - Smash
1Felix Lichte
2Daniel Brown
3Sam Buck
4Yarden Lashchover
Team ManagerBen Brown
Venue: Glenhuntly Tennis Club
14 & Under Boys - Nets
1Daniel Lee Yoo
2Jonathan Henquin
3Brandon Tsan
4Thomas Moore
5Max Reaburn
Team ManagerMeg Reaburn
Venue: Patterson Lakes
16 & Under Boys - Breakers
1Michail Petrov
2Mark Petkoff
3Ethan Brooke
4Cameron Bach
5Arya Nayak
Team ManagerSantosh Nayak
Venue: Dendy Park
12 & Under Girls - Sweetspots
1Koharu Nishikawa
2Savannah James
3Ruby Kirkwood
4Cammie Shannon
5Grace Thomas
Team ManagerCraig James
Venue: Dendy Park
12 & Under Girls - Ice Angels
1Madison King
2Valentina Velasco
3Allie Wilson
4Axy Park
5Sienna Yokota-Ho
6Stella Kephala
Team ManagerVincent Ho
Venue: Dendy Park
14 & Under Girls - Stingers
1Olivia Moir
2Sophie Christie
3Jeyda Pati
4Tess Dargan
5Zoe Magnezi
6Ava Vollenbroich
Team ManagerJim Dargan
Venue: Dendy Park
14 & Under Girls - Grand Slammers
1Tiara Wickramage
2Ava Juste
3Joanna Mitsaris
4Angelee Singh
5Claudia Chmara
Team ManagerChris Wickramage
Venue: Patterson Lakes
16 & Under Girls - Queen Bees
1Emily Collins
2Maggie Shannon
3Danielle Welcome
4Loverose Kaur
5Poppy Furness
6Emma Mae Robinson
Team ManagerClinton Welcome
Venue: Patterson Lakes

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